My research interests consist of learning how to move from raw pixels.

I’m currently a computer science PhD student at UT Austin advised by Philipp Krähenbühl from 2019-???
Previously an Intel AI Resident from 2018-2019 advised by Vladlen Koltun
I also did a BS in CS/Math and MS in CSEM at UT from 2013-2018.

Email: brady.zhou (at)
Desk: GDC 4.702E



Fall 2020 - Assistant Instructor for CS342: Neural Networks (Covid Edition!)
Summer 2020 - Teaching Assistant for CS395T: Deep Learning
Fall 2019 - Teaching Assistant for CS342: Neural Networks
Fall 2016 - Teaching Assistant for CS312: Introduction to Programming


Cross-view Transformers for real-time Map-view Semantic Segmentation
Brady Zhou, Philipp Krähenbühl
CVPR 2022
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Domain Adaptation through Task Distillation
Brady Zhou*, Nimit Kalra*, Philipp Krähenbühl
ECCV 2020
[pdf] [code]

Visual recognition labels can be used to transfer across domains using distillation.
Learning by Cheating
Dian Chen, Brady Zhou, Vladlen Koltun, Philipp Krähenbühl
CoRL 2019, Spotlight
[pdf] [code]

Learning from an agent trained on ground truth vision provides strong supervision and performs well in CARLA.
Does computer vision matter for action?
Brady Zhou, Philipp Krähenbühl, Vladlen Koltun
Science Robotics 2019, Special Section on Computer Vision
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Controlled experiments indicate that explicit intermediate representations help action.
Don't let your Discriminator be fooled
Brady Zhou, Philipp Krähenbühl
ICLR 2019
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A discriminator that is not easily fooled by adversarial examples makes GAN training more robust and leads to a smoother objective.
GPU accelerated k-nearest neighbor kernel for sparse feature datasets
Brady Zhou, George Biros
UT MS Research
[link] [pdf] [code]

KNN on sparse features can be accelerated on the GPU using sparse GEMM routines and parallelized bitonic sort.


When I’m not working, I spend my time playing video games or watching people play video games on

I also have two cat co-workers: Pig and Teddy.